D4Sound – Program


The mechanism of the disco color light is generally known. Three different colored spots are modulated by an electronic transmitter (e.g. record-, CD player). By transforming key and volume in a triggering signal for spots special light effects are created. E.g.: Luminous intensity with color gradations.

The basic of this program is the extension of this mechanism to 3D scenes, their color fidelity and movement. Colors and movement are produced by tone(key) and volume of the music.

For transforming and fidelity, a high speed personal computer (350 MHz or higher) with 3D grafic card and sound card is wanted. Also an installed CD player or extensal music player (e.g. radio) for the music transmitter. A Computer monitor or external video projection devise shows the visual interpretation.

Additional program

This spectrum-analysing-program is able to interpret running music (e.g. from CD player) in realtime and to coordinate its chromaticity value at the same time.


HeMuSo 1999